The fifth-gen Honda Civic Type R features an evolution of the ever- faithful K20 engine (now in K20C1 variant) that has helped power the R to high-revving, maximum adrenaline lunacy since the early noughties.

It’s such a revered engine that Honda has maintained the same basic architecture while adding a turbocharger to the 2.0-litre four-pot in a bid to maintain the Hot Hatch crown.The result is a 306bhp, front wheel drive nutter that always seeks the red line, yet can still be considered docile enough to act as a daily driver.

In a bid to amplify the inner hooligan of the FK8 Type R, Forge Motorsport have recently announced this to atmosphere dump valve kit that will increase the chew, chew sound effects that every turbo-nutter truly desires. Not just for around town pose-ability, but also to hold onto that all-important boost when the time comes, something that is adjustable thanks to the Forge Motorsport boffins in white coats.

This new kit from Forge is a development of its ever popular FK2 to atmosphere blow off valve, and includes a blanking plate, the FMDV19 dump valve itself, a custom array of silicone hoses, a plastic hose coupler, brass T piece some hose clamps and a handful of cable ties to keep things zipped into place.

Straight from the factory the valve comes with a ‘yellow’ spring (15 – 23PSI), but customers can opt for green (5 – 20), blue (23 – 30PSI) or the full-on red spec (30+PSI) if you’re seeking serious go from your new age Type R. Red spec it is then!

Price £161

For more info see Forge Motorsport