As the tuner car of the moment, everyone in the automotive world is focussing their attention on Honda’s superb new Civic Type R. That said, the 2015 onwards example is also a great tuning proposition, of course!

As an affordable package of power and handling – with plenty of scope for turning things up a little, it’s the perfect blank canvas. Now firmly in used car bargain territory, Forge Motorsport has released a superbly comprehensive atmospheric dump valve and fitting kit for the new model.

Designed primarily to ensure that high volumes are discharged quickly, Forge has developed this valve for those who have tuned, or plan to tune, their vehicles in excess of factory output figures. The stock valve can become unable to move the amount of air it needs to when the boost levels are set to the parameters needed for greater power output. This may then lead to the ECU seeing too great a positive boost in the MAP readings between gear-changes and assuming the stock valve wasn’t functioning correctly.

This is a direct replacement atmospheric valve and hose kit that fits easily to the Civic, replacing OEM diaphragm type valve with a piston design that allow for tuning with interchangeable springs. For those running higher boost pressures or aftermarket software tuning, this really is a must to ensure that boost does not leak through the valve. Not only does this solve and prevent any reliability issues, but Forge engineers were also able to significantly improve the internal flow design of the new part, removing restriction and increasing efficiency at the same time.

As has come to be expected from Forge kits, absolutely everything required to make the fitment is included in the kit, and this new upgrade will bolt on as a simple and direct replacement for the OEM parts.

Finished in stunning polished aluminium this kit is a true tuning essential for anyone looking to tune their Type R and a great way of enhancing and future-proofing a lesser tuned car.


For more information please visit Forge Motorsport or call 01452 380999