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Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 14th March 2019

This all-business, street tuner-inspired design, is a sweet budget hoop for those who hanker after something a little different on their ride… not to mention an absolute bargain!

All-new for 2019, these cast multispokes are made by American firm Focal, but luckily for us, the fitments aren’t strictly limited to their home-grown Yank tanks.

Nope, they do all the Chevy and Buick stuff as you’d expect, but they also make plenty specifically for Euro cruisers from the VAG and Vauxhall stables, and the odd Jap and French motor too.

What’s even better is that they’re little known over here, so your mate next door is unlikely to have a set!

We get plenty of badass forged hoops from the US of course, but it’s nice to see some wallet-friendly offerings coming through to us in the 51st State too. Top work Californian dudes!

Sizes: 7×16, 8×17, 8×18
PCD: 4×100, 5×100, 5×115
Offset: 40-42
Finishes: Satin Black/Satin Clear Coat, Gloss Black Diamond Cut Face

Priced from £125 (each)

For more info see Ultra Wheel