This new Eibach Pro Street S kit for the epic little Clio III RS encapsulates everything we know and love about the German suspension giant.

In standard guise, it’s not overblown or silly, this one simply enhances what’s already there, optimising the suspension setup for better performance without compromising on comfort.

But what’s the difference between this and their other kits? Well, the really clever bit here is that it’s the first of many that will be designed to take advantage of their massive ERS (Eibach Race Spring) range.

This means that, if you like your springs a bit stiffer because you spend a lot time on track (or a bit softer for driving your granny to church), they can tailor your kit exactly to your liking at no extra cost.

So, basically, they’re saying you can have a custom setup for the same price as an off-the-shelf item. There’s nothing not to love about that!

Price £880

For more info see Eibach