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Eibach BMW E36 M3 Chassis Upgrades

Eibach BMW E36 M3 Chassis Upgrades

Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 7th October 2013

Eibach Complete Chassis Solutions for BMW E36 M3

With fully-serviced and tidy cars now starting at just £3k, the E36 M3 has to be at its most attractive price point ever right now. Which other car offers such crisply delivered RWD delights for such sensible money?

Superb in stock trim, but simply sublime when modified, Eibach’s range of suspension enhancements for Bavaria’s most affordable slice of brilliance make the best even better and effect a dramatic improvement in handling, without spoiling ride quality. Tailored fitments for the both the 3.0 and 3.2 variants are available, with a vast range of additional upgrades on offer.

The M3 has earned an enviable reputation as a tuner-friendly platform through every one of its incarnations and Eibach’s kit options take the car’s capabilities even further to create a truly great all-round road and track car. Benefitting from extensive technical trials and months of development, Eibach has four proven product groups available that will allow enthusiasts to lower the ride height of their cars – as well as improving handling and stance.

The Pro-Kit springs feature unique progressive winding technology that has been optimised to work perfectly with the factory dampers and lower the E36 M3 by around 20mm front and 15mm rear. Two different winds are offered to suit either the 3.0 or 3.2 versions. Ride quality is maintained at OEM levels, despite the car’s new-found poise and handling improvement. The kit comes with a comprehensive 5 year warranty and full TUV approval thanks to an industry-leading surface treatment and deep electrostatic powder coating.

The uprated Anti-Roll bar kit completes the picture. Using the very latest production technology, this kit features a carefully optimised rate to reduce load transfer in the turns, keeping the car flatter and more responsive to driver inputs. The front bar is 26mm and the rear is 24mm in thickness –  both with 2 way adjustment for the ultimate in tunability.

To achieve stance and handling nirvana, many tuners opt for the visual ‘kick’ and associated handling benefits of the Pro-Spacer range, Available in a range of widths from 5mm to 30mm per side, and machined from a solid aluminium billet, these hub-centric spacers solve all manner of wheel offset and handling issues.

For tuners looking to exceed the factory’s somewhat timid geometry parameters, Eibach’s alignment range provides a beautifully-engineered solution. The adjustable rear arms provide and additional ranges from -1° to +3° of extra camber adjustment over the OE part and the stunning front top mounts promise 0.5° of caster adjustment and a wider camber range of -1° to +3°

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