Having a massive noisy exhaust may be the best for two things, namely getting the maximum gas flow out of your engine for more power, and proving who’s got the biggest spuds when flooring it past the local cop shop.

But, in a normal driving situation at least, many big bores tend to equal many headaches – the motorway drone is pretty much guaranteed to do your nut for starters.

Still, that’s where this neat little universal product comes in. The DPW Cutout is a device that can be welded into your system to control gas flow via a smartphone app or a remote control.

The clever 360-deg rotational design allows easy installation on just about any system out there too.

All this means you can cut the noise when you need some quiet time (roadside checks and MoTs spring to mind here too) and open up the system fully when you’re ready to give it the berries.

It’s not cheap of course, but then again, neither is the supercar you’ll need to get one of these as standard. A top little gizmo.

Price £270

For more info see Digi Power USA