From the first generation R50-53 MINIS, right through to the R55-R59 models, we think you’ll agree there aren’t many better-handling hatchbacks right out of the box.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from our chassis tuning guides over the past couple of months though, it’s that there’s always room for a tweak or two, and that’s exactly where these top-quality alignment arms come in.

Whether it’s a supreme track setup you’re looking for, a decent handling improvement on your daily driver, or just a little more camber for those super-girthy hoops, these are designed to replace the upper or lower (or both if you’re feeling frisky) camber arms and engineered for a huge range of adjustability.

They also feature bearing-mounted inner pivot points (rather than bushes) to reduce static friction and improve suspension performance over the stock items.

You’ll be surprised what a huge difference such a simple mod can make.

£150 (PAIR)

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