The first commandment in the modified car Bible is that you should never underestimate a simple 5-spoker’s ability to look stunning on absolutely anything!

Whether that’s the reasoning behind the new Dare F7 or not we haven’t been told but, in all its subtle satin black glory, we can’t help thinking that there’s not a car in the land that these wouldn’t enhance nicely.

Of course, they only come in pcds suited to larger motors of the Germanic persuasion, but that’s why God invented adaptors, right? Simple, stunning and well-priced. Top bombing.

Sizes: 8 and 9×18, 8.5 and 9.5×19
PCDs: 5×100, 5×120, 5×112
Offset: ET16-20
Finishes: Satin black/machined lip

Priced from £569 (set)

For more info see Dare Motorsport