It has to be said we’ve seen some pretty bloody posh car mats in our time, but this new ‘Elite’ range from custom carpet meisters, Carmats4U, really does take the biscuit and dunk it in Dom Pérignon.

In fact, even the OEM mats from the likes of Range Rover and Bentley don’t seem quite as plush as these buggers… and we don’t have to tell you how much all the main dealers love to pull your trousers on price either, even for the simplest tailored items.

What’s really special here though, isn’t just the fact that they’re clearly more opulent than Elton John’s bath mat. No, it’s that you can customize every element of your tailor-made and hand-finished set on their interactive website. It’s like having one-offs made by a specialist trimmer, only at a fraction of the price.

When you’re done perfecting your design they’ll even send you a mini (mouse mat-sized) sample so you can check that all your colours match, along with some full-size templates to make sure the fit is spot on. Only when you’re 100% happy will they get their army of tailoring specialists to carefully craft your swanky bespoke set.

Now, obviously there’s plenty of colours for the luxury brushed-velour carpet bit, and all sorts of trim and stich options to choose from too. But perhaps what’s most interesting here is the ‘welded’ leatherette parts that can be applied in a number of different configurations.

Available in 14-different colour options, these undergo a patented sonic welding process to give the appearance of soft quilted leather, but they’re actually made from Polyurethane shell-coated leatherette, which is hard-wearing enough to be used under-foot. The result, unlike many of the posh items we’ve seen over the years, is mats you can actually put your dirty feet on ‘em… a novel concept we’re sure. In any case, these have to be one of our top products of 2018.

Of course, the best way to see what’s available is to get online and check out all the options for yourself. What with the world’s largest selection of car templates and even the option of making your own, it looks like you really can have it all!

Priced from £150

For more info see Carmats4u