BILSTEIN add the Mk7 VW Golf, Audi A3 8V and Seat Leon 5F to the B12 Pro Kit Uprated Spring & Damper Range

Few suspension firms have the resources, experience and capability to develop suspension ranges quite as swiftly as BILSTEIN, and the German damping god’s have once again proven their ability to develop top-notch suspension in no time at all by launching an all new B12 kit, one designed for the VW Group MQB platform.

The B12 kit of matched springs and uprated dampers has been developed for the Mk7 Golf, the Audi A3 8V and the Seat Leon 5F, and promises dramatic improvements in road-holding and cornering ability.

BILSTEIN B12 Pro Kit for VW MQB Platform

The much vaunted MQB chassis was released some years ago and has continued to expand, finding fans across the globe thanks to its supple chassis, wide-ranging capabilities, and the fact that it can so readily be tweaked and tuned.

BILSTEIN’s decision to launch a B12 kit for 3 of the most popular models within the MQB range makes a great deal of sense then, and its latest offering should be considered a must-fit kit by those owners’ keen to maximize the handling traits of their Golf, A3 or Leon.

Long considered one of the most balanced ranges offered by BILSTEIN, the B12 Pro Kit manages to blend out-and-out road and track performance with everyday usability and comfort.

Designed and made in Germany, the Golf/A3/Leon B12 Pro Kit has full TUV approval, Germany’s famously stringent version of our own MOT, so MQB owners can rest assured that they’re buying a stunningly engineered product.

Price £721

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