BBS don’t release a lot of new wheels, but when they do, you know it’s time to get excited. So, sit down, take a deep breath and check out the all-new BBS XR, as we think they have a new bona fide classic on their hands.

The XR somehow looks classic yet modern, subtle yet innovative and then blends all this and more into one of the classiest new rims we’ve seen. With its seven distinctive Y-spokes, and classic BBS deeply dished centre the XR re-interprets the traditional design language of BBS with a fresh and modern twist. We honestly can’t think of a car this wouldn’t suit, can you?

The new XR can also come equipped with the patented stainless steel BBS Collision Ring as an optional extra. This clever feature was previously reserved for BBS ‘Performance Line’ wheels and is designed to protect the wheel from kerbing. How does it work? Quite simply if you hit a kerb, you just remove the Collision Ring and then replace it with a new one, and voila the wheel is returned to pristine condition. Clever eh? And the wheel doesn’t even have to be removed from the car for the protection ring to be replaced, though it is recommended.

Due to the huge issues with fake BBS wheels, the Made in Germany, BBS XR alloy wheel will carry a unique BBS 3D authenticity hologram and come with a certificate of authenticity to assure lucky owners they are getting the real deal. It even comes with a TUV certificate for the relevant vehicle application with each wheel.

On sale later this year, the BBS XR will initially be available with a Platinum Silver Gloss finish in 18-inch sizes to fit popular cars like the Audi A3 and A4. This will be quickly followed by a special variant for the VW T5 and T6 buses, then the next phase will see 19-inch sizes along with a diamond cut finish added to the range. Time to start saving up we think.

Price £TBC

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