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Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 8th February 2018

Big motors need big bastard brakes and, now we’ve finally got ’em here in the UK, they don’t get much bigger or more badass than the new Ford Mustang!

The trouble with modifying such a late-model American motor though, is that upgrades are a bit thin on the ground. But, on the brighter side, you can always head over to the US and bag some of their more iconic home-grown brands.

Baer Brakes are a huge deal across the pond and, except for SUVs and the odd GT-86, they don’t do anything other than all-American muscle cars.

That’s probably why we don’t see too much of them over this way, and it’s a shame because their gear is impressive to say the least!

The biggest kits they have are called Baer Grizzlys and offer mahoosive monoblock callipers, each machined out of a single lump of aerospace aluminium.

Available in a range of colours, these feature proper castellated pistons with DOT-approved weather seals.

Combined with two-piece rotors that happen to be the size of small moons, they offer one of the most hardcore premium brake setups on the market.

All we need now is the Mustang to go with ‘em!

Price £3,800

For more info see Baer