Autoglym didn’t tell us exactly why they call this their Polar Series (er Midge, because it’s like snow foam you tool – Jules), but there’s no denying this new range of home-grown products is ’effin cool!

Come to think of it, this collection is less of a range in the traditional sense, and more of a full-on three-stage exterior cleaning system. All these products are designed to be applied directly by your pressure washer too, meaning you hardly have to touch the car at all along the way.

Polar Blast is a pH neutral pre-wash, a thick, creamy snow foam designed to effortlessly dissolve and lift off and caked-on muck. Step two is the Polar Wash, a non-stripping, LSP-friendly shampoo that you simply spray on, give a quick wipe over with your mitt, and rinse off for instant gloss.

And the last step, Polar Seal, is a hydrophobic coating offering supreme paint protection and a deep glossy shine.

If you’re a pressure washer fan, we think you’ll find it doesn’t get any easier than that, right? The best of British and no mistake.

Priced from £15

For more info see Auto Glym