Auto Finesse Radiance

Auto Finesse Radiance

Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 4th July 2017

Just when we were beginning to get over the bonkers milkshake flavour shampoos they launched last month, Auto Finesse are back at it with another sweet product, albeit one that’s altogether more serious.

Radiance is a special carnauba crème that gives all the deep, wet-look shine and protection you’d associate with their hard wax collection, only in the form of an easy-to-use cream.

This nonabrasive formula is suitable for all gloss paint finishes and designed specifically with super-quick, three-month protection in mind. Easy on and easy off in no time at all.

That’s what we like to hear. It’s gonna be a busy summer after all!

Price £23

For more info see Auto Finesse

Radiance Carnauba Créme by Auto Finesse from Auto Finesse on Vimeo.

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