Unless you’re an absolute clean freak (not that there’s anything wrong with that of course), effort involved Vs outcome is probably the biggest consideration in all of car detailing. It’s just that some of us have got more pressing matters to attend to, right? There’s nothing wrong with that either.

Of course, when it comes to LSPs it’s not a question as to whether you should protect your paintwork – that’s always a given – the real question is how much of your time is it going to take?

Hard waxes containing a large proportion of natural carnauba are often the choice of the detailing buff. Traditionally these give a much sought after, deep, warm gloss, all the while creating a sacrificial barrier to the environment. The problem normally comes with the time and effort involved in application. We’ve always said that using a carnauba wax is not for everyone. Well, we did, until we saw this stuff…

For a start, let’s look at the actual finish. If you can tell the difference between this and any good quality hard wax, you’re a far better man than me.

Auto Finesse Radiance Carnauba Crème Review

The idea of radiance is a simple one. It’s specifically formulated to give the deep wet-look shine associated with a hard wax, but in the form of an easy-to-use cream. What’s also pretty simple is the actual product. There’s plenty of other stuff in there of course. But what we’re most interested in is the fact it’s rammed full of T1-grade Carnauba, to give all the shine and water beading characteristics you’d expect from a normal hard wax, along with three months’ protection from the elements.

The really clever bit is that they’ve taken the Carnauba, which is as hard as concrete in its natural state, and managed to break it down into cream form. With a hard wax there’s all sorts of solvents and oils involved to make the wax physically spread, but this product takes the idea even further. In fact, if there wasn’t a label on the bottle, you’d assume it was a polish or cleaner rather than a nonabrasive wax.

And that’s where Auto Finesse have really gone to town. The whole point of this product is making it ridiculously easy to apply. It’s a simple wipe on, wait and buff off affair. Even saying it like that doesn’t seem to do it justice though. I just can’t emphasise enough how easily this stuff goes on and comes off. It’s not like any other wax I know of.

Hard waxes are notoriously difficult and fiddly to apply, and that’s probably why they’re normally used by the people, rather like us, who are seriously into their detailing. Where Radiance differs is that it’ll still please all us hardcore detailing fans, but it’s absolutely perfect for the mass market too. I’m talking about all the punters who may not share our enthusiasm for posh LSPs, the guys who just want it done and dusted quickly. They’ll love this stuff.

When I think about it, the pricing is also pretty mass market. A good hard wax normally starts at around £40 and can go into the realms of hundreds of pounds (sometimes thousands). Here you get 500ml for just 23 quid. The amount you use is comparable to a hard wax too, possibly even a little bit less. So, it definitely shows exceptional value.

I’ll say it once again though, because it’s so important. This one is super easy to use, probably the easiest wax on the market. Add that to being cost effective and long lasting, and I just can’t fault it. In a nutshell: Quick, easy and relatively cheap. Love it.

Price £23 (500ML)

For more info see Autofinesse

Words and photos Midge