The boys at AirRide in sunny Norwich have been around for 20-odd years now and are famous all around the world for supplying (and often fitting) a simply staggering range of off-the-shelf kits, sourced from every popular brand, for just about every motor you can imagine.

And, they’ve also been known to build the odd mag feature, along with a host of hero cars for films and TV shows. Still, all that probably won’t be news to you. But their brand-new Airride Gold Kits will be!

That’s right, they may have been rather busy working on bagging cars for the next Fast And The Furious movie of late. But all the messing about with Vin Diesel and chums hasn’t stopped them developing their very own product line while they were at it. And they’re starting off by hitting the market with “just a few” of ’em. And by that they mean over 600 of the buggers!

What they’ve done here is simply taken all their years of knowledge and expertise, and ploughed it into their home-grown range of plug-and-play kits. It certainly shows too. These are not only some of the best quality items we’ve seen to date, but they’ve been specifi cally developed for easy, direct fitment without the need for any heavy fabrication.

They also offer up to 5-inches of drop, with top-notch performance handling and ride quality for just about any car you’ll find here in the UK, everything from Minis to Maseratis in fact.

Top work we say. It’s good to see that proper British engineering is still killing it!

For more info see Air Ride