Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 11th May 2018

What’s this? The sexiest coffee table known to man? Well, sure, slap a sheet of glass on top and it probably would be, but for once at least that’s not the most important thing.

Nope, what we’ve got here is the first fully-integrated, bolt-on turbo kit for the big, bad Nissan V6 you’ll find in the 350Z, 370Z and the odd (massively underrated) Infiniti G35 or 37. It’s arguably an engine that’s always been begging for some nutter to slap a metal snail on each side… even though it pushes some serious grunt as standard.

In this case the boost is provided by a couple of Borg Warner’s finest water-cooled blowers, and AAM are the nutters that have designed a comprehensive kit containing everything you need to get them spinning. This includes all the big stuff like the rather sexy looking FMIC, twin 3-inch downpipes and lightweight boost pipework, and even all the smaller bits and pieces bits like injectors, a high-flow Walbro fuel pump and even the engine management. Sound good? Too bloody right it does!


Of course, 10-bags is a fair kick in the bollocks by anyone’s standards, but that doesn’t come close to the kick up the arse you’ll get when you fit one of these and then put the hammer down. In fact, 10-grand is a bargain when you think you get supercar-smashing horsepower without having to break open the actual engine and mess about with internals.

In fact, a decade ago we said this product was properly wank-worthy but, as we’ve grown up somewhat since, we’ll just say that it’s the very same kit that’s on the Thomas Nguyen’s 666bhp we featured in the last issue.

AAM is in the USA but don’t worry about the logistics, you can get yours here UK from TORQEN. Luckily credit cards are very much accepted!

For more info see Torqen