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Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 30th September 2019

Super-tough hoops and racing always have gone hand-in-hand and apparently these satin versions of the exceedingly concave Style55 stem directly from superstar drifter James Deane, requesting a set for his all-conquering track car.

According to 7Twenty, they looked so tasty, it would have been criminal not to make a whole load more available to the rest of us. Which is rather nice of them, right?

Offering a staggering 4.5-inches of concave goodness on the 10.5×18, and 3.5 on the 9.5×18, they have offsets of ET5 and ET15 respectively, so they’re certainly one for the brave. Only 5×114.3PCD motorsport monsters need apply here.

Priced from £220 (each)

For more info see 7Twenty