East meets west with Kenwood UK’s wide body Scirocco

Over the past three decades, Japanese car culture has widely been celebrated in UK magazines and rightly so. Whether it be Gran Turismo, Wangan runs, Best Motoring videos or the infamous Midnight Club, Japan has forever been a topic of much interest and conversation. Here in the UK car scene, the Japanese are also well known for their tuning prowess and ability to create innovative products that will transform your in-car entertainment experience.

For the past 10-years, Kenwood Electronics has lead the way with a whole host of multimedia products that have demolished the competition. And now they’ve completely redesigned their Volkswagen Scirocco demo car for 2018 and it’s absolutely blinding. How did this second lease of life all come about, then?

Kenwood UK VW Scirocco rear

“Cars are all about relationships, so we wanted to work with people and brands that have supported us over the years and those who have a shared vision”, explains Adam Handley, Sales and Marketing boss at JVCKENWOOD UK. “We wanted to use products from around the globe and celebrate the way the Japanese always build their cars with style and passion.” Adam tells us. “This is when Khyzyl Saleem came on board to help with the styling of the Scirocco.”

Now if you haven’t heard of Khyzyl Saleem, then open Instagram and search for @the_kyza because this guy is worth a follow. It was a smart move for Kenwood to team up with Kyza. His style is wild and always on point and if you’re going to make an impact then you need to go against the grain, but in a positive way. When you think about wild Scirocco builds here in the UK, there really aren’t that many.


With this in mind, the car needed to be toughed up, so before any of the other parts were decided upon, a set of Voomeran wide arches…

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