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FC #388 – Lomotion Honda Civic EK & Nissan 350Z

FC #388 – Lomotion Honda Civic EK & Nissan 350Z

Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 27th October 2017

The Lomotion team have smashed it again with a controversial pair that took this summer’s show season by storm…

With social media these days everyone has an opinion and wants to share it with the world. Internet experts are lining up to tell us we are doing it wrong and what we should be doing.

That can make it tough to stay focused and trust your instincts, but the guys at Lomotion are different. They get together, talk about ideas and try shit. It’s almost like they seek out impossible modding tasks, let people say it can’t be done, then just do it anyway.

So who are Lomotion? They’ve given us some awesome feature cars going way back. Essentially, they are a close-knit bunch of mates who are obsessive about modifying and take their passion to another level. An immense level, as you can see with these monster builds.

Lomotion Fast Car

Yes, that EK Civic may look somewhat familiar. This is Shaun Quinn’s fourth feature with the same car! It takes a helluva lot to be re-featured and four times is unheard of. Just as you think he’s reached the pinnacle he continually finds new heights. The level of detail in this car and the train of thought behind it is mind-blowing!

On the other side of the garage we have Scott Lennon and his bonkers 350z. Scott is also no stranger as we previously featured his smooth, super-clean Civic. This time, he’s ditched the subtle and gone for maximum impact with a mighty-phat Z that pushes the boundaries.

Both these crazy creations hit the road earlier this year and caused a real stir across the globe. They had adventures, breathed life into shows, received awards and lots of love.

The expected dislike followed from the ill-informed and jealous souls. But that just tickles the Lomotion team and encourages them to keep on going…

Lomotion Fast Car

Want to know more? Check out the full feature on Scott Lennon’s 350Z and Shaun Quinn’s EK in Fast Car magazine issue 388 on sale now in all good shops, the Fast Car online shop or alternatively download Fast Car magazine 388 now.