World’s largest car wax

World’s largest car wax created to mark the fifth anniversary of Dodo Juice.

Weighing over 24kg and standing almost half a metre tall, ‘Dodo Juice Millennium’ contains 20 litres of premium carnauba wax, hand poured over a period of 12 months.

“Every time we poured a wax, we siphoned a little off for Millennium,” Dom from Dodo Juice told us. “The result is the largest jar of wax in the world, representing every recipe that we make,” he added.

World’s largest car wax

This bad boy weighs a not shy 24.2kg!

Just 5ml of Dodo Juice wax can coat a small car, giving it shine and protection for up to 3 months.  That’s 4000 coats of wax on something like a VW Polo or Ford Fiesta, equating to 12000 months  – or a whole millennium – of paintwork gloss and protection.

World’s largest car wax

The World’s Largest Car Wax with the World’s Smallest Car - the Peel P50.

If William the Conqueror had been given a jar to celebrate the Battle of Hastings in 1066, there’d still be 216 wax layers left in the jar today! Nuts eh?

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