A visit to see the Wheel Whores crew should be high on your priority list at this year’s TRAX 2012 at Silverstone.

So what’s going on, well this:

Best Wheels Award
Firstly, make sure your wheels are in top nick as they team will be wandering around the site looking for candidates for the ‘Wheels Whores Best Wheels’ award – you could win a trophy and the glory of being best in show.

Rimcare for the wheel connoisseur:
Secondly, Wheel Whores are proud to be launching their much-anticipated official Wheel Whores App for the iPhone and iPad, PLUS their own range of wheel car products, which they have been developing over the last 12 months.

Heavy Hitting Wheel Cleaner (Acid Free) £10.99 – This is for regular wheels with a lacquered surface.
Mild Detoxing Wheel Cleaner (Ph Balanced) £13.99 – This is for bare metal surface and ideally split rims.
Premium Wheel Wax £19.99 – This is used to protect the wheels from brake dust and road grime.

Stickers & clothing:
Also on show will be their new Miami Whore, Grand Whore and Old-skool stickers, plus the Dumpd T-shirt and a whole range of kids and baby clothes. Also, anyone who spends over £50 will get free stickers. Bonus!


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