If Ken Block’s recent ‘Electrikhana’ left you cold, fear not, as the 2022 Travis Pastrana gymkhana video brings excitement in spades.

A little while ago, the creative team at Hoonigan added a new driver to their gymkhana roster. If you’re into extreme sports, Travis Pastrana will need no introduction. But, if Pastrana wasn’t a name you’d heard of before, his 2020 gymkhana video debut will certainly have caught your attention. Now, just in time for Christmas, the daredevil is back… with an even wilder set of stunts in a film titled, ‘Vacation Shred’.

A base jump from the balcony of a hotel room sets the tone of the video straight away, launching us into an adrenaline-pumping spectacle full of action and lighthearted humour.

After the opening montage, we meet Pastrana’s companion for this wild ride – a purpose-built vehicle based (very loosely) on an ’80s Subaru GL Wagon. It doesn’t take long to realise, however, that this ‘Family Huckster’ shares very little in common with the humble car it resembles. One of its defining traits, for instance, is a borderline-excessive active aero package. Meanwhile, under the bonnet, you’ll find an 862hp EJ boxer engine, based on the ones used in Subaru’s rallycross cars. There are several characterful little flourishes too: carbon fibre roof racks and a period-correct cassette player add more of the Hoonigan charm that we’ve come to know and love.

In general though, despite this extreme wagon’s unique genetics, much of the car’s internals should actually feel quite familiar to Pastrana. In the past couple of years, he’s been part of Subaru’s stateside rallycross team, and as the champion of 2021, it’s fair to say he’s quite well-acquainted with their machinery.

Once the video gets going, his rallycross background becomes increasingly evident. If you’ve been following that genre of motorsport closely in recent times, you’ll know that Pastrana has been a figurehead in making the sport more captivating than ever before. His brainchild – the Nitro Rallycross Series – prides itself on incorporating some of the most impressive jumps in the world into its circuits. And, well, Pastrana’s love of bold jumps certainly hasn’t been lost in this romp through Florida…

All in all, the 2022 Subaru-backed gymkhana special is crammed full of the personality that perhaps was missing from Ken Block’s most recent outing in Vegas. Anyway, don’t take our word for it. Check out the full 2022 Travis Pastrana gymkhana feature below!

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