The Toyo Proxes T1R has always been one of the more popular ultra-high-performance tyres on the scene so it makes perfect sense that they haven’t deviated too much when thinking of a name for its replacement, the TR1. Less meeting, more pub, we can respect that.

But here’s the thing; the no-nonsense moniker may be a bit of a mashup, but then, the whole tyre is a mashup of sorts – an expertly crafted combination taking the best bits of the old T1R and the brand-new Proxes Sport.

Built as an option purely for the more discerning enthusiast, these are available in various 14-18-inch sizes and offer an aggressive asymmetric tread that makes ‘em a whopping 16% better for wet grip and cornering.

The science is all in the magical pattern which has features like long slant grooves, open lateral slits and a wide straight centre grove to Promote wet performance.

Along with an enhanced outside shoulder with high stiffness ribs and taper slits to improve cornering and stability. Will these be as popular as the old T1Rs? Sorry, silly question. Of course they will!

Price £POA

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