What is the greatest racing car ever made? That’s the question that new TV series Three Men Four Wheels will try and answer as it launches on Quest at 9pm on June 24.

Antique and classic car dealer Drew Pritchard (Salvage Hunters), motoring broadcaster Andy Jaye & British racing driver Marino Franchitti are your three men and each episode will see them debating some of the greatest race and sports cars ever built.

Three Men Four Wheels

Jaguar. Trac Môn Anglesey Circuit.

Getting their mitts on some serious motoring gems, Three Men Four Wheels takes an exclusive look behind the scenes of some of the most thrilling vehicles ever built, such as the eye wateringly expensive Porsche 911 S-T, Colin McRae’s 555 world famous machine and possibly the greatest F1 car ever, the Lotus 72.

Three Men Four Wheels

With access to extremely rare cars, they go where cameras have never filmed before at the Porsche Motorsport Garage, housing more than £100million worth of cars as well as gaining rare access to Ten Tenths, the private car collection of Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason.

Drew Pritchard, Marino Franchitti and Andy Jaye at Ferrari showroom.

Poring over every inch of some of the most incredible vehicles ever made, Three Men Four Wheels gives you breath-taking driving, pure passion and genuine best mates desperately debating their car choice for top trumps!

The first of 10 episodes airs on Quest TV on June 24th at 9pm. Freesat channel 167, Sky channel 144, Freeview channel 37 and Virgin channel 172.

Three Men Four Wheels

Three Men Four Wheels: Episode Breakdown

1. The Ferrari F40…with Drew, who hates it, struggling to get into the car due to an ill-fitting race suit.

2. The Stovebolt Special. A one of a kind car that holds a very special place in Drew’s heart.

3. The Lotus 72. The greatest F1 car ever built? Marino is given ultra exclusive access to a very special machine.

4. The Mini. Not only do we meet the Monte Carlo winning car (and drive it), we also get to hang out with the legend Paddy Hopkirk – at his house!

5. The Aston Martin Ulster. A divisive episode, which also features Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason.

6. Porsche 911 ST. Not just any 911, this one is hyper-rare and eye wateringly expensive.

7. Subrau Impreza – Colin McRae’s 555 world famous machine. A very special episode where Marino gets to drive his old friends iconic car, and remember the legend of Colin.

8. Bugatti T35. Another special car for Drew…who instantly attempts to buy it, only to be given a children’s replica.

9. Jaguar XJ220. The car which probably divided the gang most of all, but which brought the Welsh hills alive when we tested it on track.

10. The Nasty Habit Hot Rod. So dangerous Marino refused to get in it, and it set the track on fire! Literally!