While the physical SEMA show will not take place in 2020, Toyota is still pulling out the stops to impress car fans with its one-off Supra GR Sport Top build for the online-only SEMA360 event.

The first episode in a series of videos on YouTube showcases the start of Toyota USA’s Supra GR Sport Top build for SEMA360. As we all know, one of the iconic features of the Mk4 Toyota Supra was the Targa top, made famous in Fast & Furious of course…


Thus far, the only glimpses we’ve seen of the new Supra GR Sport Top are drawings on a screen, but we’re hopeful of its outcome.


According to Toyota, the roof latches release electronically via remote control, while the whole assembly comes away in two pieces and IS stored in the boot. With the loss of rigidity from adding a Targa roof, some additional under-body strengthening will be needed.

Alongside the addition of the Targa roof, the Supra GR will also be given a full aero kit and Mk4 Supra-inspired spoiler that featured on the Supra GR Heritage Edition. That car also got a helping hand when it came to performance, with power being boosted to 500bhp. On this occasion, though, it looks as if power will remain factory specification.

As we all know, the BMW Z4 and Toyota Supra GR share pretty much everything. If the Z4 can live happily as a convertible, will Toyota decided to make this into a production run of cars in the future?

You can watch the first episode below. You can also check out SEMA 2019 highlights here.