Steeda has wasted no time developing modifications for the S650 generation Mustang as it reveals its latest cars, the Q500 and Q767 Dark Horse which promise to transform the muscle car into a serious sports car contender. 

The Ford Mustang. It’s a wonderful thing. Some people don’t get it, but there’s something glorious about a big V8 engine up front, a manual gearbox and rear-wheel drive. Yes the standard cars are hilariously soft, body roll is guaranteed and we’ve all seen them parading into spectators leaving car shows. But hiding underneath is a car that has unwavering potential after you throw some choice modifications at it. Well, thankfully we don’t have to wait long for those modifications to start rolling out as Steeda, who have been supporting European customers in tuning their Fords for years, have launched a series of packages that transform both the regular Ford Mustang V8 S650 as well as the Dark Horse variant.

Something to note here. Steeda recently received an EU certification stating the company as a carmaker. As a result, when you buy one of Steeda’s cars, you’re not buying a Ford Mustang. Instead, you’re buying a Steeda Mustang. The important part comes at resale. You may be thinking that’s a negative, as it should be listed as Ford, the original maker. However, as these cars become collectibles, your resale opportunity opens up to countries where laws on modifications are far stricter. After all, you’re selling a Steeda Mustang, therefore it doesn’t feature aftermarket parts as Steeda is a registered car maker.

driving shot of steeda mustang

Steeda Mustang S650 Q-Series Cars

There are two choices available. Customers can opt for the Q500 Steeda Mustang, which is based on the hard-top V8 GT S650 generation. Or you can opt for the all-guns-blazing Q767, which is based on the Dark Horse S650. The idea behind the cars was to create a Mustang that offers all the thrills a top sports car should, but without the overload of technology disconnecting the driver. To that end, the focus here is primarily on improving the handling, rather than just adding more power. Don’t worry, though, if you want more power, it’s available as an option. More on that later.

independent rear suspension for Mustang from Steeda

Steeda Independent Rear Suspension Kit

To create both the Q500 Mustang and the Q767 Dark Horse, Steeda has replaced the springs to work with the Magneride. It also gets adjustable anti-roll bars with solid billet ends and mounts, camber plates (up to 3deg of negative camber) and front and rear bracing. Finally, it gets a Steeda Independent Rear Suspension package (kit above), which aims to improve grip and stability at the rear. Something all Mustangs most definitely need! Don’t worry, chassis modifications are still available on non-Magneride equipped cars, too.

Steeda has tested its Q767 Dark Horse package around Sebring, Road Atlanta and Homestead Miami to hone in on its performance. It claims that the Q767 package allowed for flatter cornering, better traction on corner exits and reduced wheel hop.

Steeda’s European Director Robbie Kazandijan said: “While it has been regarded as an intriguing muscle car, it has never been regarded as a legitimate contender in the realm of sports cars, unlike the established offerings from BMW M Sport, Mercedes AMG, or Porsche. Steeda’s aim is to change that.”

Ford Fair

What if I want more?

Not content with the standard power now the chassis can contain it? Well, you could always opt for a supercharger? For that, you’d need to jump up to the Q850 StreetFighter which takes power up to 777hp and 655lb ft of torque! Steeda also has options for smaller power gains via a Power Pack, as well as a range of different wheel and tyre options. There’s even a Track Pack to maximse circuit performance!

Steeda Mustang on track