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Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 8th January 2018

It has to be said, we’re absolutely loving this crazy little bastard. In fact, if anyone wants to send one to us we promise we’ll be most appreciative.

It may be electric too, but this proper little off-road buggy is packing a 48 Volt, 1,000-watt motor and that means it not only shifts rather well, but it’s almost silent, so it won’t upset the neighbours too much. Until you get carried away and start doing doughnuts in their front garden.

Designed for adults, although it’s also suitable for younger drivers with plenty of supervision, it features a high-performance, selectable speed controller (via a removable safety key) and enough battery power for up to two hours of driving on a single charge.

There’s all sorts of other stuff too, but what’s most important here is that it’s bloody quick and it looks totally mental.

Sometimes that’s plenty, right?

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