Standard cars aren’t our bag, so when we heard Posaidon had tuned the new AMG A45 to 518bhp, we had to find out more! Welcome the Posaidon AMG A45 RS.

What do we have underneath the bonnet then? What we know is that the standard Mercedes turbo has been ditched for a larger one, although details on such isn’t known, as well as mapping.

Posaidon AMG A45 RS

The performance figures are known, though. Posaidon says that its version will do 0-62mph in 3.4 seconds and go on to 201mph top speed… not bad for a hot-hatch, then… Power is 518bhp, while torque is electronically limited to 443lb ft to protect the gearbox.

A lower-tier tune is also available, which is a simple tweak to engine mapping. This will reportedly increase power to 469bhp and 413lb ft. It says that this car will go on to 198mph and crack 62mph in 3.6 seconds. The good thing is that Mercedes uses this engine and gearbox combo across its range, so you can have the upgrade in a CLA if you so wish, which comes in saloon and also estate variants.

Posaidon AMG A45 RS

Thankfully, the tuning company hasn’t stopped there and has said that a “plus” version is in production, which includes a new exhaust system, bigger brakes and some snazzy carbon fibre wheels.

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