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Posted by Matt Bell on 14th September 2021

Those wanting an R36 GT-R model will have to wait as the R35 Nissan GT-R T-Spec is revealed. Is this the final hurrah for the R35?

There are two trim options to choose from, a Premium Edition and a Track Edition. No matter which you opt for you get carbon ceramic brakes, a carbon spoiler and bespoke details denoting its limited-edition nature. The most important options come in the colour department; Midnight Purple is on offer, as is Millennium Jade, and the famous Skyline blue colours.

Both the Premium and the Track Edition T-Spec cars come with an exclusive interior bespoke to the limited-edition model. Outside, both also get wider forged Rays wheels with suspension tweaks. The Track Edition then gets a Nismo boot lid and a carbon fibre roof on top of the Premium.

Sadly, no Nissan GT-R T-Spec cars will make their way to the UK, officially, with the small run of cars limited to the Japanese and US markets. While the Japanese market gets both trim options on the T-Spec model, the US market makes do with just being a Nissan GT-R T-Spec, but receives a carbon rear spoiler, carbon ceramic brakes, the Rays wheels and the colour options. Only 100 T-Specs will be available, with a “very limited amount” heading to the US.

Prices in the US start at $138,490, roughly £100,000, while in Japan, the exchange rate works out to roughly £104,000 for the T-Spec Premium and £117,000 for the T-Spec Track.

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