The new Turbo Study is Singer Vehicle Design’s first road-going turbocharged Porsche 911 restomod, moving away from it’s naturally-aspirated roots due to customer demand.

There’s a very strong chance you’ve already heard of California-based Singer Vehicle Design, who has become synonymous with bringing classic naturally-aspirated Porsche 911s to the 21st century without disrupting the classic look.

Keen to satisfy customer demands, Singer Vehicle Design has created its first road-going turbocharged 911 in the form of the Turbo Study, after having only focused on naturally-aspirated air-cooled flat-sixes for its engines.

Singer Turbo Study

If you love Bad Boys then step this way; like the rest of the Singer line-up, the base for the new Singer Turbo Study was the 964-generation Porsche 911. At the heart of the car is a 3.8-litre, twin-turbocharged “Mezger” air-cooled flat-six said to produce some 450bhp. Electronic wastegates feature on the twin turbos and an air-to-water intercooler helps support the increased power output. Customers can choose whether they want their Singer 911 Turbo is either rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive configurations, and, thankfully, the only gearbox option is a six-speed manual. Perfect.

On the outside, every Singer 911 Turbo will be given a carbon body which keeps the car’s “aesthetic and functional performance”, it should also result in a sizeable weight saving.

Singer Turbo Study

Inside is where customers can get creative; Singer Vehicle Design is famed for having an endless list of customisable options, making each Singer 911 individual. On the Turbo Study you see here, the 964 features a Malibu sand interior with Black Forest wood accents. Fancy wording. No matter how you word it though, that interior looks a lovely place to be.

There’s no mention of any chassis specifications, but from the photos, we can see it’s using carbon ceramic brakes.

As with all its 911s, the Singer Turbo Study doesn’t have a set price (the number of customisations makes it difficult to generalise), and quite frankly if you do have to ask you probably can’t afford one. For us mere mortals, let’s hope we get to have a nosey around one at an event like Goodwood.

Singer Turbo Study