The new Mk8 VW Golf GTI is here and is one of the stand-out cars unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show. Here’s what you need to know. 

It’s been much talked about, the new Mk8 VW Golf GTI. Depending on which side of the fence you sit on, there’s not a lot of change from the Mk7 to the 8, at least visually anyway. The front end gets a nip and tuck with an optional full-width light bar across the grille, but that’s about it. Dare we say it’s all a but facelift(y) rather than new model…

Mk8 VW Golf GTI

The engine, well that’s the same EA888 engine from the previous model, this time in 242bhp trim and 273lb ft of torque. We’ve been assured that a manual will be available, as well as a seven-speed DSG. 0-62mph is estimated to be in the low-sixes and a top speed of, you guessed it, 155mph.

Mk8 VW Golf GTD

Don’t worry, though, this is the base model, no doubt we can expect a number of performance variants with the Golf R topping the range with a projected 330bhp. The Mk8 GTI base model does now include the previous generation’s electronic limited-slip differential and the bigger brakes from the Performance model. An Akrapovic exhaust system is rumoured to be an optional extra, too.


Elsewhere, the GTD and GTE are back, with both making more power than ever. The GTD is now up to 197bhp but is only available with the DSG gearbox, while the GTE matches the GTI for performance with 242bhp but a higher torque output of 293lb ft. Again, the only option is DSG, but a six-speed box hear instead. The engine is a 1-4.-litre petrol motor which hybrid drivetrain; the battery is said to be double to the size as the previous car. Looks wise, they all pretty much look the same. Different wheels and stripes denote each car.

Mk8 VW Golf GTE

Inside is where the freshen up is really apparent. The centre touchscreen is now higher up and inline with the instrument cluster. Seats are still the supportive bucket types with tartan styling. The gear selector for the DSG cars is a 911 992-style nub, which looks odd.

Mk8 VW Golf GTI

Pricing hasn’t been confirmed yet, but we suspect around the £33-£35k mark for the GTI and GTD cars, while the GTE could be a touch more at over £35k. As with all Golfs, a number of other cars will follow, naturally, even a more hardcore Clubsport variant, but that’s all in time.