The new Honda Civic Type R has barely left dealer forecourts yet, but already the first aftermarket upgrades for the car are here. Check out this new Milltek Sport FL5 Civic exhaust system. 

One of the first modifications that many enthusiasts want to make to their car is the exhaust. And we don’t blame them. A bit of extra power, and a better sound from the tailpipes – what’s not to love?

Predictably, performance exhaust specialists Milltek Sport have struck to capitalize on the early Civic FL5 market, launching a pair of either resonated or non-resonated exhausts for the new car.

The Milltek Sport exhaust system for an FL5 Civic.

The Specs

Like every good aftermarket exhaust system, Milltek constructs these from T304L. T304L is a type of stainless steel which has become the performance industry standard, given its reduced susceptibility to discoloration. The exhaust pipes have also been shaped through the use of Mandrel bending techniques – another aftermarket industry standard – which allows for better gas flow.

So, what do you get for your money? Well, these exhaust systems contain several components. Namely: a front flex pipe, front silencer (road legal) or bypass section (track-only), center silencer (road legal) or bypass section (track only), rear connecting pipe, dual rear silencer, 15% larger valve outlet and choice of tailpipe tips. You can opt for a trio of central-exhaust tips that replicate OEM style, or a trio designed by Milltek which are more uniform in size.

You can choose from five different finishes, including Polished Stainless, Cerakote Satin Black, Brushed Titanium, Burnt/Blue Titanium and Carbon Fiber.

The tailpipes of a Milltek exhaust system.

The Results

As far as performance goes, Milltek’s claims are pretty impressive. You can expect a 20% reduction in back pressure, which helps to elevate the engine’s power potential across the whole rev range, while turbo performance should also improve. A 15% larger valve outlet, meanwhile, will further aid both sound and gas flow.

Speaking of sound, you can control the car’s exhaust note and volume by scrolling through the FL5’s factory selectable driving modes. The functionality of that system works exactly as it would with the stock exhaust, but Milltek’s revised pipework design will obviously create different results.

A Honda Civic FL5 Type R with Tegiwa x Milltek decals.

If you want to get your hands on one of these exhaust systems, you’ll need to be quick. Over 70% of the first batch is pre-ordered already, but don’t fret too much – Milltek are bound to re-stock these fairly regularly.

To find out more, head over to Milltek’s website.