The Mountune Fiesta ST m260 power upgrade brings about 256bhp and 269lb ft of torque to take your Mk8 ST even hotter. 

If you’re sat there thinking the factory 197bhp and 214lb ft of torque isn’t enough from your Mk8 Fiesta ST, well step right this way. Say hello to the m260 package from Mountune.

First things first, to get the m260 upgrade there are some hardware requirements needed, which means a Mountune induction kit, charge pipe upgrade and a bigger intercooler. No changes are made to the exhaust system and therefore, cars are still equipped with the factory GPF and catalytic convertor.

The Mountune Fiesta ST m260 utilises the company’s SMARTflash smartphone app to adjust fuel, ignition and boost pressure to extract further performance via a bluetooth OBD interface. According to Mountune, the software irons out some of the bottlenecks in the rev range for more effortless performance.

There are a number of other features available to those who opt for the m260 flash and that includes an anti-theft mode, optimised flat-foot shifting, more aggressive pops and bangs (should you want them), a more aggressive launch control strategy as well as a further two performance calibrations and a stock map.

Prices for the m260 upgrade start from £675, but remember it’s also recommended to buy the induction kit (£239), charge pipe (£165) and intercooler (£549) to support the software, bringing the total to a little under £1700 before fitting. For the m235 upgrade, which requires an induction kit (£239) as well as the software (£575) costs a little over £800 before installation. Those who already have the m225 power kit from Mountune can upgrade to the m235 or m260 for £99.

Mountune Fiesta ST m260

Mountune Puma ST m235 and m260

Like the Mk8 Fiesta ST, the Puma ST uses a 1.5-litre, three-cylinder turbocharged engine, which means the upgrades you can get on the Fiesta ST, you can also get on the Puma ST. As a result, the Puma ST boasts the same 256bhp and 269lb ft of torque, and is available for the same price of £575 (m235) and £675 (m260), again, you will also need the required hardware.