Based on the Audi RS Q8, the Manhart RQ 900 is limited to 10 models, boasts 900hp, a wide body kit and an interior to die for. Yours for £250k!

The top-of-the-range RS Q8 was already an animal out of the box, clocking a 0-62mph speed of just 3.8 seconds. But Manhart, famous for tuning BMWs, has turned its hand to the behemoth RS Q8 to produce a mind-boggling 887bhp 797ft lb of torque.

Manhart RQ 900

To do this, the Manhart RQ 900, as it’s now called, gets upgraded turbos, extensive, but unspecified, engine modifications, a strengthened gearbox, and a new, complete exhaust system including downpipe. Interestingly, the downpipe and silencer are not TÜV approved, thus cars specified with those upgrades are available for export out of Germany only.

Elsewhere, Manhart replaces the suspension with its own system, dropping the ride 30mm to fill the arche gap. Wheels are now 23 inch(!), which also happens to be the largest wheels you can opt for from factory, too, but now are 11 inches wides at the front, and 12 inches at the rear!

Manhart RQ 900

The exterior has also been enhanced with a wider body kit, a carbon fibre bonnet, a carbon rear diffuser and carbon side skirts. Inside, the interior is given a leather upgrade, with Manhart black and gold/black and red stitching.

Production of the Manhart RQ 900 is limited to just 10 models and it comes at quite the cost, £250,000 to be precise. We’re not convinced that they’ll be tough to sell, though… If you’re interest, though, you can sign up via its website.