Thanks to the infinite popularity of the Toyota GT86/Subaru BRZ platform all over the world, now you don’t have to cut up that 400-grand Lambo you’ve got stashed in your garage to get in on some proper Liberty Walk kudos.

Thank chuff for that, eh? We were mighty worried for a minute…

Anyway, here’s the long-awaited LB Performance kit taken straight from the mind of Kato-san himself, and it’s just as mental as you’d expect.

In fact, this one’s so hot off the press he hasn’t even finished the final touches on the demo car yet, and that’s why the pictures look like some sort of Gran Tourismo nut’s wet dream.

It is worth noting however, that the real deal will be equally as bonkers as the rendering. And we couldn’t very well go waiting until the middle of May when they’re officially available to let you know could we?

No, because you’ll all want to get your orders in sharpish! Off you go then, get to it!


For more info see Liberty Walk EU