While we say goodbye to our traditional show and shine competition, both Japfest and Ford Fair Silverstone have introduced “Select” displays, which are now open for applications!

New for 2022, Japfest Select and Ford Fair Select allows for show goers to apply to display their vehicles as part of a 50 car display sponsored by Auto Finesse. Here, the team at Auto Finesse will once again be judging cars and awarding prizes, however, this year, the basis for which prizes are given will no longer solely be judged on the car’s condition and overall cleanliness. Instead, the team will also be looking at the overall build quality, level of modifications and originality.

Applications for the Auto Finesse Japfest and Ford Fair Select displays are now open and you can apply here. To apply, you’ll need to select the show you wish to display your car at, then click the Auto Finesse Select display tab, fill in the vehicle information, alongside a tech spec and an image of the car. Finally, you’ll also need to fill in your personal details in order for the event’s team to contact you. Only 50 cars will be selected for this display.

Modified Mk4 Escort

Also new for 2022 are the Fast Car and Fast Ford Top 50 stands at Japfest and Ford Fair respectively. Not only can you apply to be a part of Auto Finesse’s Select display, you can also apply to be apart of your favourite brand’s display. The process for the application is the same as it is for the Auto Finesse display, although you’ll need to select the correct area you want to be a part of, in this case it’s the Fast Car or Ford Fair Top 50. Again, as the name suggests, only 50 cars will be chosen for display from the applications.