It’s not a bloody M3!!!

It’s not a bloody M3!!!

Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 24th December 2012

modified bmw 318i
We’re media-whores here at Fast Car, so we often plug our magazine (damn we’re doing it now) on our Fast Car Facebook and Fast Car Twitter.

A couple of weeks back we posted up a picture of Clive King’s BMW E30 to promote the current Fast Car Magazine Retro Fresh issue (which is in shops now by the way, hint hint).

When we post pics like this we do so expecting all kinds of comments good and bad, and to be fair, you lot went mad for Clive’s BMW, all except a couple of you.

Now, this isn’t normally an issue, because everyone has the right to an opinion, different strokes for different folks and all that, but when a negative comment is made because the accuser has made an assumption, I think that’s a bit low. The assumption? That Clive’s E30 is an M3! It’s not.

Now, if Clive had modified an E30 M3, we could sympathise with the point of view that they shouldn’t be touched – in fact, in our Retro Oddballs feature (in the same magazine) we’ve written exactly that.

But he’s turned an old poverty spec 318 that he bought for £70 into a 452bhp ‘charged beast, and I think that deserves respect, don’t you?

Fast Car Magazine 325

This isn’t having a pop, as we know most car culture experts out there would have known this anyway… Clive’s 3 Series is 4-stud (E30 M3s are 5-stud) and even more obvious is that the steering wheel is on the wrong side to be an M3. Plus some other geeky things we won’t point out.

If you want to know more about this awesome car and its rags to riches build, check out the latest issue of FC.

Lets love not hate, especially when it’s Christmas!

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