The HPD Honda CR-V is far from your regular family runabout. Featuring an IndyCar powertrain and much more besides, this is a full-on, no-rules racecar. 

Honda has produced some pretty iconic performance cars over the years. From the Ferrari-baiting NSX, to the Civic Type R pocket rocket. However, the CR-V isn’t one of them.

On a regular day, that model is as uninspiring as its acronymic name suggests; nothing more than a ponderous family SUV. However, Honda Performance Development (HPD) – the organization behind Honda’s IndyCar engine supply deal – recently got their hands on one. As you’d expect, the results are spectacular.

The HPD CR-V's IndyCar powertrain.

HPD Honda CR-V Tech Specs: Powertrain

Alright, let’s be honest. While this crazy contraption certainly has a CR-V derived bodyshell, its specialist tube-frame chassis reveals that the car has very little in common with its grocery-getter namesake. That trend certainly continues elsewhere within the car’s DNA. I mean, you won’t find a CR-V with an IndyCar engine under the hood at your local Target parking lot. Not unless Susan needs to do the school run in a REAL hurry.

Specifically, the HPD Honda CR-V is running a 2.2-litre twin-turbo V6, assisted by a driver-activated Empel electric motor generator unit, and Skeleton super capacitor energy storage system. In other words, it’s a hybrid powertrain capable of a whopping 800PS.

Adding to the sustainability side of things, this engine is set-up to run on Shell 100% renewable race fuel, just like this year’s field of IndyCars. As for the transmission, the CR-V’s got a six-speed gearbox with paddle shift.

The rear end of the HPD Honda CR-V.

HPD Honda CR-V Tech Specs: Suspension & Running Gear

The HPD CR-V’s motorsport heritage becomes even more apparent the deeper you look. For instance, the front suspension is taken from the Acura NSX GT-3 Evo22 racecar, while the rear set-up is a design borrowed from the Dallara IR-18 IndyCar.

Brembo is the company tasked with supplying the brakes for this beast, while the tires are a set of IndyCar-spec Firestone Firehawks. Size-wise, you’re looking at 285/35-20s on the front axel, and a massive 305/35-20 set-up at the rear.

The HPD CR-V features a clamshell engine covering.

HPD Honda CR-V Tech Specs: Exterior

Visually, this CR-V is a striking creation. In addition to its vibrantly-wrapped widebody, the car also features butterfly half-cut doors, and a clamshell rear engine covering. Oh, and you can’t miss that gigantic rear wing.

“The graphics were inspired by the hybrid powertrain, radiating from Honda Hybrid Blue to Honda Racing Red to symbolize the duality of the drivetrain,” Lili Melikian (Senior Exterior Designer) explained. “While the ‘speed squircles’ add a dynamic fun layer and showcase the playful side of Power of Dreams. Throughout the wrap, we have also sprinkled easter eggs like ghosted outlines of Honda-sponsored tracks and an overhead view of the engine that powers the Honda CR-V Hybrid Racer.”

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