Originally planned to be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show, HOFELE has finally lifted the covers of its bespoke HE Cabriolet, based on the E53 AMG Cabriolet.

The basis behind the project was to enhance the E53 AMG to a higher state of luxury both inside and out. Exterior wise, the Mercedes grille at the front has been replaced with HOFELE’s own design featuring more chrome. Turn to the side and you’re drawn to a chrome line that follows the lines of the vehicle towards the rear wheel.


The wheels are its own design named “Turbine” 21inch forged alloys. Again, finished in silver rather than the more aggressive black we’re used to seeing on specials.


Inside, the cabin has been retrimmed with Royal Blue and contrast Magnolia nappa leather throughout. All surfaces including the Cabriolet roof cover, the upper and lower dashboards, the seat frame and the complete interior door panels, have received the HOFELE touch, right down to color-coded luxury lamb’s wool floor mats.

It is for sale as a special one of one build for the ultimate exclusivity. What do you think of it?