Helix has got a new flagship amp. So, if you’re looking to upgrade your car audio in a meaningful way, be sure to check out the new Helix P SIX DSP Amplifier.

The flagship of the Helix range, the feature-packed P SIX DSP Ultimate is essentially an amplifier without a rival, with plenty of punch for the subwoofer in your car; a top-notch 6-channel DSP amp in its own right or the perfect control center for a full-blown audio system with high-end aspirations. Core features include 10 setups with fast switchover, user-defined routing of in-and-output ports, control connector for programmable remote controls and accessories, start-stop capability up to 6V, signal-dependent switching to digital or aux inputs, and automatic putting through of all vehicle tones. It also boasts RTA real-time frequency curve measurement (with optional microphone), automatic adjustment including filter slopes, plus FX menu with dynamic bass, center and front processing, and ISA for measuring, summing and correcting inputs.

What makes the P SIX DSP so good?

This range of products’ success owes much to its amplifier chips. The usual applications for these chips are smartphones, Bluetooth speakers or sound bars – nothing to do with building a quality car hi-fi amplifier. So a lot of development work has gone into the Helix P SIX DSP Ultimate, particularly in the mounting and fixing of the chips, which is extremely important for optimal heat dissipation and thus performance.

However, the most important innovation of the HELIX P SIX DSP Ultimate might be the upgrade to the current coprocessor platform ACO. Not only is a powerful 32-bit processor used, it is also integrated into the audio work by Helix. This is because Helix programs quite a few features itself which go far beyond the standard functions of the signal processor. Sound effects like the FX functions or even the (in)measuring functions are not possible without the help of a powerful coprocessor. With a channel power of 129 watts at 4 ohms and 219 watts at 2 ohms, it is one of the most powerful full-range amps ever with more than four channels. This is almost twice as much as a multi-channel all-in-one solution – and it also delivers an extremely clean performance.

In essence, it’s one of those amplifiers that’s able to convey the mood and atmosphere of the music. In simpler terms, there is no music genre that the P SIX DSP Ultimate cannot master.