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Posted by Matt Bell on 1st April 2021

We wouldn’t usually report on this kind of thing, but is the T.50 hypercar the most bonkers road car you’ve ever seen? We hear it on the dyno at full chat for the first time. 

In the video above you hear the T.50’s Cosworth GMA V12 engine revving out as it runs a simulation of the famous Le Mans track, Circuit De La Sarthe, on the dyno.

What is the T.50?

Gordon Murray has teamed up with F1 team Racing Point to deliver this car, the T.50, with most of the aerodynamics trickery you see here originating from F1. Remember ground-effect F1 cars? Gordon Murray pioneered this with his Brabham BT46B racer in the 70s with that huge rear fan. This, then, is a development of that technology, with the T.50 promising ground-effect aero to stick it to the ground. It’s far too technical for us to explain so look at the pretty diagram below to get your head around the wizardry.

Powering the car is the Cosworth-built naturally-aspirated 3.9-litre V12 you see above, producing 654bhp. The fun part? The engine revs to 12,100rpm…

Gordon Murray hasn’t just taken inspiration from one of his previous cars either. The seating arrangement is three up front, with the driver sat centrally. That rings a bell with that other thing he did, the McLaren F1. You won’t be pulling paddles to change gear either, nope, there’s a six-speed manual on board. Murray has also said that the car will come in at under a ton. So that’s around 700bhp-per-ton.

There are six aero modes, Auto, Braking, High Downforce, Streamline, Vmax and Test, the last of which is only used when the car is stationary.

Now the downside. It will cost £2.36million before taxes and is limited to just 100 cars. Oh, and they’re all sold out…