To celebrate Audi’s self-proclaimed holiday “quattro de Mayo” – Audi have released three cool cut-out cars to help you kill sometime during the lockdown and bring some much needed “Vorsprung durch Technik” to quarantine.

The first is of a 1980s Sport quattro S1 rally car, showing where quattro began. It was a car so dominant that it transformed rally racing. Later, quattro was called “the unfair advantage” when introduced in touring car racing.

The second cutout is of the Audi R8, our mid-engine supercar, equipped exclusively with a 5.2-liter V10 engine in its current generation. With quattro, it’s capable of reining in its 602 horsepower and is as close as an Audi customer can get to driving a road-going racecar.

Finally, the Audi e-tron shows where we are taking quattro technology, with two electric motors powering all four wheels, using 40 years of all-wheel-drive know-how to develop all-electric technology for today and tomorrow.

Want to share your creation? Tweet @AudiNews with a picture of your works of art and the #AudiTogether hashtag and maybe Audi will upgrade you to a real one. Though probably not…

Click the image below to open the full size cut-out. Enjoy!

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