Forge releases uprated BMW 535 E60 / E61 (pre LCI) boost hose

Where would we be without boost? In the case of many of the classic six banger, turbo diesel engines that make BMWs deft rear wheel drivers so darn appealing, certainly nowhere fast, that’s for sure. If the compressed air that makes these long-legged Ultimate Driving Machines feel so effortless to drive isn’t there, you’ll soon notice it. That’s where the latest silicone upgrade from Forge Motorsport comes in handy. No, not that sort of silicone upgrade, we know what you’re thinking!

This significantly upgraded fluorosilicone boost hose for BMWs E60 era 535 promises to overcome a couple of key issues that could otherwise lead to total failure of the OE boost hose, which could easily see the ECU enter into limp mode as a result.

By eliminating the boost and oil leakage that the OE fitment hose is well known for you’ll have a sweet running, derv drinking, autobahn cruiser without having to break the bank. If left unattended, highly likely because it’s not easily visible, eventually total failure occurs as the pressure, heat and oil contamination all take effect.

The solution is a 4-ply Fluorosilicone that can easily withstand the temperatures and pressures involved, but more importantly resist degradation from oil mist. This is combined with CNC machined alloy couplers for the perfect, no leakage fitment. Forge supplies the new hose, aluminium couplers and jubilee clips, in fact everything you require to replace your standard hose.

Able to withstand long life coolants, OAT coolants The construction of the hoses has been engineered to exceed that of the OEM fitments, and will enhance any engine bay both technically and aesthetically. The Fluorosilicone liner ensures that the limited lifetime warranty* is a no brainer, and the boost you so richly deserve remains precisely where it’s meant to be – in your engine and out on the open road, exactly where your BMW 535D belongs.

Price £70

For more info see Forge Motorsport