So who’s glad the voting is finally over and we can finally get on with our lives? I am, that’s for sure, it seemed like my news feeds were full of opinions, scandal and an insane amount of campaigning by all parties; it really was a relentless few weeks.

Friendships were tested as differences of opinion were aired and people argued their points, but the votes have been counted and the winner has been elected our Feature Car of the Year 2019. Well? What else did you think I was referring to? There was only one important poll going on in December, right? Whatever you do, though, just accept the result and move on, that’s how democracy works. I actually think this year’s winner is fully deserved, and there’s definitely no shame in coming second or third in this vote.

We first launched the Feature Car of the Year competition in 2018, and it was such a resounding success that it’s now an annual event. At the time we didn’t realise the importance of winning this award would have on the owners involved. This year we even had someone set up a script vote to try and influence the voting numbers! Yes, a fully fledged scandal took place, but luckily our IT department were wise to it and we could discount any fraudulent votes. It just goes to show how much this competition means to the participants!

Over 10,000 of you logged your votes and we’ve got to say you’ve got unquestionable taste. In third place came Charlie Thompson’s turbo’d Clio 182, in second place was Helen Stanley and her wide-arched E30, but taking this year’s top spot as the new FC champion is – drum roll please – Kiran Halsey and his amazing GT86.

With a heavily tuned 2JZ swap, air lift suspension, Rocket Bunny kit, WORK Meister S1 wheels and a one-off wrap, we can see why almost 25 percent of the votes went to this beast. A worthy winner indeed. Your trophy and a packet of Hobnobs are going in the post today, Kiran. Pop the kettle on, pour yourself a brew and have a biscuit on us. You deserve it, fella!

I’d like to thank everyone who voted, our sponsors Adrian Flux, but also remind those involved that this was all a bit of fun. Modifying, tuning and the car scene is about coming together, community and enjoying each others’ motors. Every car in this competition was worthy of its place.

Fast Car magazine Editor