The UK’s biggest modified car magazine (that’s us btw!) will be back at Japfest and we’ll be bringing a diverse range of car culture goodness along with us to Silverstone.

Fast Car magazine has been defining car culture since 1987 and we’re promising to bring along an eclectic mix of past, present and future feature cars that embodies our love of the Japanese car scene. But this year we’ve have decided to spice things up a little…

Not only will you find the finest concoction of modified Japanese metal from Civics to Supras but you’ll also find a modified version of each generation. Expect to see every Skyline that housed the RB26, from the R32 to the R34, sharing the same tarmac as a row of Civics that’ll incorporate the EF, EG, EK, EP and FN2 models.

It’s going to be quite a display so make sure you head over and check it out.

The FC hit list
Nissan Skyline: R32, R33, R34, GT-R
Toyota Supra: Celica Supra, Mk3, Mk4
Honda Civic: EF, EG, EK, EP, FN2
Subaru Impreza: Gen 1, Gen 2, Gen 3
Mitsubishi Evolution: Evo IV, Evo V, Evo VI, Evo VII, Evo VIII, Evo IX, Evo X
Mazda RX-7: FB, FC, FD
Nissan Zed Cars: 280Z, 350Z, 370Z

For the latest info and ticket information see Japfest Silverstone at Silverstone on Sunday 6th May.