If you like those photos you see of us in the magazine and fancy seeing something similar that’s moving, and with sound and in colour, then boy have we got a treat for you…

You’ve seen our Fast Car YouTube channel, right? Of course you have, it’s right up your street. The Fast Car Entertainment channel is where we share videos of test drives, show reports, all the stuff that makes the scene tick… plus there’s a clip on there of Midge really struggling with reality after Jules forces him to eat a mashed-up octopus, so that alone is worth a look.

Anyway, it’s all set to level up in 2020! In the springtime we’re going to be launching Fast Car TV, a brand new weekly YouTube show in which Jules and Midge look at all the things that are important in the modding world – product reviews, special guest appearances, chatting about the big current issues in car culture… and, of course, talking about the past and future feature cars from within these papery pages.

We’re pretty fired up about it, we’ve built a set and everything, so make sure you check it out. And we promise we won’t make Midge eat any more seafood. (Unless it seems like it’ll be funny. Which, to be fair, it always is.)