Actors have the Oscars, Athletes have SPOTY, and popstars have the Grammys to celebrate excellence, but what about the aftermarket industry? Well that has something better than all of the above; welcome to the Fast Car Product Awards!

That’s right, over the last year we’ve been secretly sorting out what’s what, having the odd ‘heated disagreement’ in the office, and seeking out the absolute best of the best from all over our little blue planet.

From hundreds of nominations, and even more that didn’t make it that far, we’ve been brutal, whittling them down to the most elite products in each of their respective categories.

Fast Car magazine awards

And what we have left in the following pages are the modifying must- haves that not only stand out from the thousands of aftermarket items launched over the last 12 months, but the ones that smash the doors wide open, changing the car-tweaking universe forever more. Or something like that anyway.

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