With the Challenger and Charger muscle cars set to bow out at the end of the year, this pair of limited-run Dodge Mopar special editions have been unveiled.

The climate is changing in the automotive industry, and as a result, ICE cars are melting away from relevancy. That signals the end of the road for some of motoring’s most heralded current models, including these two full-fat American muscle cars. However, before they go, the Challenger and Charger Scat Pack Widebody models will serve as the basis for two final Dodge Mopar special editions. Here’s what modifications you can expect.

Visual Mods

Mopar has been building annual special editions of FCA (and now Stellantis) cars since 2010, and one common theme has been the use of Mopar Blue highlights. Mopar’s favorite accent color makes a reappearance here too, in the form of stripes that run down the hood, roof, and top of the trunk. Those blue touches are the one spark of color in an otherwise menacing aesthetic, comprised of matte black graphics and Pitch Black paintwork.

You can find small splashes of blue elsewhere, in features such as the Mopar grille badge and the brake calipers. Meanwhile, a carbon rear spoiler is bespoke to these Dodge Mopar special editions.

To sweeten the deal, customers will receive a bunch of goodies upon purchase, including a personalized metal certificate of authenticity and unique rendering of their vehicle.

rear of Dodge Mopar special editions

Only Skin Deep?

Unfortunately, the changes don’t really extend much further beyond that, aside from ‘brighter’ door sills and bespoke floor mats. The chassis and powertrain remain true to the regular R/T Scat Pack widebody specifications of either car, which to be fair, are already pretty special.

Both cars make use of the 392 HEMI naturally-aspirated V8, capable of 485hp. Dodge pair that with an 8-speed automatic transmission in the Charger, and while that gearbox is available in the Challenger too, the latter car can also be specified with a 6-speed manual. Running gear includes three-mode adaptive Bilstein dampers and a six/four-piston brake package from Brembo.

In total, 440 cars will be produced for the North American market – 220 of each, split at a ratio of 10:1 for the USA and Canada respectively. The RRP for these Dodge Mopar special editions is $3995 extra on top of the regular price of an R/T Scat Pack.

Is the exclusivity worth the expense for what is ultimately a styling package? Diehard Dodge fans will likely vote ‘yes’, but personally, I can’t help but feel as though these Dodge Mopar special editions give off the scent of one final cash grab. You can already bet that the dealer mark-ups will be hefty. But hey, perhaps I’m being too cynical.

Either way, it’s nice that – along with Dodge’s run of Last Call models – these two iconic cars are getting a thorough send-off before they fade into the past.

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