There’s not long left to win one of five decorative skateboard decks from Deckorate, so get to it!

Check out these sick automotive-themed, decorative skateboard decks from our friends over at

The idea is simple. Choose the board you want, grab a wall mount and stick it up in your man (or woman) cave. Or alternatively stick some wheels on it, pull a rad skate move like a, errr, triple loop 920 (or something) and then fall off it and end up in A&E. We know what option
we’ll be choosing!

Design-wise you can choose everything from car brands, to stanced VWs, slammed BMWs, famous racers such as the Porsche 935 and more. There are even combo packs available including a super-scene Porsche 964 Rauh Welt three-pack.

Or, you can get a custom deck made and have whatever you like on there from your own car, to a phot of your gran. You get the idea, just keep it clean!

Of course you do! And we’re not even going to ask you a stupid question. Nope, you just have to pop to the URL below, enter you details and hope you’re one of five very lucky winners drawn.


Terms and conditions apply, competition closes 31/03/2019